We understand the needs of a busy practice

N3 Laboratories was designed with busy providers in mind. Our team brings 25 years of experience in clinical operations and chronic pain management.

We understand the needs of a busy practice because we’ve been there too. We’ve eliminated many of the labor-intensive tasks often required for urine drug screening. Our goal is to make medication monitoring as simple and efficient as possible.

Let N3 Laboratories provide you advanced urine drug screening services, peace of mind, and regulatory consulting so you can continue providing the best and safest care possible for your patients.

The N3 Laboratories team is dedicated to exceptional service, quick and accurate results, and seamless integration.

What Sets Us Apart

Supply Monitoring

With N3 Laboratories you’ll never need to worry about ordering supplies. We monitor your inventory and automatically send more supplies before you run out. If you find you need additional supplies, just send us a message!

Quick Shipping

With prepaid and pre-labeled UPS bags included in your Customer Box, you can rest easy knowing your specimen will arrive to N3 labs safely and quickly. If you find you need additional supplies, send us a message and you’ll receive them within 24 hours.

We Enter Your Data

Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible! We enter all patient demographics and insurance information for you. Just print your patient's information from the system used in your clinic and include it with your specimen. We’ll do the rest!

Reporting Options

Choose the assessment report format that works best for you. Receive your test results through our secure online lab portal, or by fax, email or mail. Your results will be ready within 48 hours of receipt!

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