Your Partner in Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

With over two decades of practice management experience, our leadership team will help you understand your medical, legal, and regulatory obligations, and best practices for patient and community safety. Urine drug testing is a powerful risk management tool — and with our support, it doesn’t have to interrupt your practice workflow.

As a client with N3 Laboratories, we’ll work with you to find a way that works for your practice, your providers, and your patients to integrate urine drug testing into your clinical workflow. Active clients receive regular practice workflow and patient relationship management consultations, helping you address unexpected lab results, and training staff on process and compliance.

Let Us Help You

Understand Best Practices

Understand universal precautions and best practices in pain management.

Support Patient Safety

Strengthen your practice's commitment to patient, provider, and community safety.

Ensure Compliance

Gain access to all the necessary tools and learnings (to ensure practice compliance.