About N3 Laboratories Founder Eric Grigsby

How Grigsby is promoting safe prescribing practices and regulatory compliance through N3 Laboratories

While advances in minimally-invasive surgeries, neurostimulation, and other non-opioid therapies have grown sharply in recent years, some patients suffering from severe, chronic pain still benefit from the safe, controlled use of pain medications. Protecting these patients’ access to crucial pain care requires an absolute commitment to safe prescribing practices.

Eric Grigsby, physician and leading voice in the pain management community, rose to this challenge by establishing N3 Laboratories, a full-service and fully-accredited reference lab specializing in urine drug screening and practice management.

Grigsby’s goals for N3 Laboratories

Grigsby’s goal for N3 Laboratories is threefold:

1. Aid physicians in understanding and complying with safe prescribing regulations and best practices

N3 Laboratories aims to make regulatory compliance and safe prescribing practices as easy and effective as possible for physicians.

It provides drug monitoring services, regulatory compliance consulting, and risk management for at-risk patients—helping physician provide safe, effective, and compliant treatment to their pain patients.

2. Promote patient safety through risk prevention and management

Grigsby has a lifelong commitment to provide the best care for every patient, every day—and N3 Laboratories is a key part of that mission.

N3 Laboratories makes providing safe, effective care easy for physicians by providing them with the ability to receive regular drug screen results for active patients and the guidance they need to address unexpected and irregular test results when needed.

Regular testing provides baseline information before introducing new medicines, allowing physicians to quickly identify misuse or abuse of opioid medications. They offer both patient and provider the opportunity to address important issues around the safe use of powerful medications.

Accurate, consistent testing not only enables physicians to do their job better; it also promotes overall patient safety by preventing, mitigating, and managing risks as they arise — and better patient care is integral to Grigsby’s lifelong goal.

3. Protect patients who need pain medication

Every individual incident of unsafe prescribing and medication use adds fuel to the stigma and marginalization of all chronic pain patients. Safe prescribing practiceswhich Grigsby has advocated for throughout his career, since he helped formalize prescribing guidelines for the California Medical Board helps protect the rights of patients who need medication to manage severe pain and suffering and protect against misuse. N3 Laboratories provides continual testing which promotes and reinforces safe prescribing practices.

Eric Grigsby’s lifelong commitment to advancing knowledge of pain management and promoting patient safety

Since the early 1990s, Grigsby has fought for better care for patients suffering from severe chronic pain. He trained at some of the finest academic institutions in the nation:

• Brown University

• Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

• Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

But what he’s accomplished from the small town of Napa, California has left an even bigger mark on the field of pain, and healthcare as a whole, than he could have hoped for.

Grigsby’s lifelong commitment to bettering the understanding and treatment of chronic pain led him to establish a family of pain management organizations. In addition to N3 Laboratories, the Napa Pain Institute and its sister clinics directly treat pain patients today.

Neurovations seeks to better the therapies and technologies available to patients in the future. And Grigsby’s philanthropic project, the HealthRoots Foundation for Global Health, seeks to improve health outcomes all over the world.

N3 Laboratories, which works closely with Napa Pain Institute and Grigsby’s other pain management organizations, is key to the success of Grigsby’s mission by ensuring the establishment and continued success of safe prescribing practices and regulatory compliance for practices throughout the country.

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