Dr. Eric Grigsby Recognized for Visionary Leadership in Pain Management

CEO and Founder of Neurovations Honored as Patient Champion

NAPA, Calif., October 16, 2019 ( – Dr. Eric Grigsby was awarded the Visionary Leadership Award at the 6th Annual Business of Pain Medicine Conference in Washington D.C. last week. Dr. Grigsby was honored for recognizing pain as a valid disease and acting as a patient champion, innovator, and entrepreneur of the year in the field of pain management.

Eric Grigsby is the founder and CEO of Neurovations, a patient care and innovation company in Napa, California. He launched the Napa Pain Conference in 1990 and his first clinic, the Napa Pain Institute, in 1992 and has continued to advance the field of pain management by creating research and education divisions, laboratories, and multiple clinics.

“I’m very flattered by this honor from my peers. When I started in practice, chronic pain was poorly understood. It was not clear if it was a neurological psychological, social, or behavioral challenge – or all of the above. We soon became convinced that chronic pain was real, and the patients underserved. Patients in pain are often misunderstood, poorly diagnosed, and disrespected. My goal as a clinician and as an innovator has always been to inspire hope in our patients, and contribute to their acceptance and well-being,” said Grigsby.

The Business of Pain Medicine Conference was created by Doctors Peter Staats, Les Zuckerman, and Sanjay Bakshi of the National Spine and Pain Centers as a way to help other clinicians understand the legal, clinical and compliance ramifications of running a chronic pain practice. The conference featured names from across the world to speak about patient needs, and best practices in culture, compliance, and sustainability of the pain business. Keynote speakers included NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly and Wounded Warriors Foundation Vice President Michael Richardson.

“Each year we honor a clinician in private practice that has stood out as an entrepreneur, leader, and visionary. This year, we honor Dr. Eric Grigsby, from Napa, California as our Pain Entrepreneur of the Year. He is an amazing innovator, physician, and entrepreneur in our field,” said Dr. Peter Staats.

Grigsby was also gifted a substantial donation to his family foundation, HealthRoots, a nonprofit charity that focuses on community health initiatives.

“Our hope is to catalyze community health initiatives locally and internationally and drive innovation in the field of global public health,” Grigsby stated. “There is much work to be done for equitable and humane health care.”

“Frankly,” Dr. Grigsby continued, “I am flattered and grateful to be considered for this award from Dr. Staats. He is a giant in the field of pain management and is every bit a visionary in the field of pain.”