What We Do

Woman in a lab with samplesN3 Laboratories offers world-class science for urine drug testing. Pain management for patients with chronic or acute pain requires consistent medication monitoring, and close regulatory compliance. Our drug compliance monitoring system will ensure that you’re prescribing the correct dosage for your patients, and give you the confidence that the dosage is being taken as prescribed.

Our compliance monitoring system is a useful tool for healthcare providers to receive reliable patient information about the use or misuse of prescribed medications, non-prescribed medications, and illicit substances. N3 Laboratories is your partner in making informed, clinical decisions regarding treatment, and in navigating today’s complex regulatory environment.

Your Partner in Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

With over two decades of practice management experience, our leadership team will help you understand your medical, legal, and regulatory obligations, and best practices for patient and community safety. Urine drug testing is a powerful risk management tool — and with our support, it doesn’t have to interrupt your practice workflow.

As a client with N3 Laboratories, we’ll work with you to find a way that works for your practice, your providers, and your patients to integrate urine drug testing into your clinical workflow. Active clients receive regular practice workflow and patient relationship management consultations, helping you address unexpected lab results, and training staff on process and compliance.

Regulatory Consulting

As a client with N3 Labs, you’ll have access to consulting services with an experienced member of our lab team and clinical management consultant team. We welcome your questions through phone or email.

How medication monitoring with N3 labs helps clinicians:

  • Through medication monitoring, you can perform baseline testing before you introduce new medications
  • You can detect if your patient is taking prescribed medications, non-prescribed medications, or illicit substances
  • You’ll have a greater ability to identify the possible use or misuse of medications
  • You’ll gain valuable insight into how medications are being metabolized by your patients
  • You’ll receive guidance on providing compassionate care while adhering to regulatory guidelines
  • You may find opportunities to improve patient communication regarding the safe use of medicines

Workflow Integration Consulting

We understand the demands of a busy practice and will help you customize a plan that works for your office.

Workflow and process integration doesn’t end with urine collection and testing: addressing unexpected test results can be difficult to navigate, with patients, and for regulatory compliance. Active clients receive materials to guide these conversations, and regular consultations to address your questions as they arise.

With more than two decades in practice management, N3 Laboratories and our experienced leadership team will support you with each and every patient, through every step of the process.


Fast & Free Shipping

Our clients are provided with prepaid UPS shipping bags for fast specimen shipping and handling at no additional cost.

Consistent Monitoring

We will monitor your inventory and ensure you have all the materials you need (specimen cups, biohazard bags, shipping bags) for consistent medication monitoring.

48 Hour Testing

We test 24-48 business hours after your specimen is received. This ensures that you will receive quick and accurate results, each and every time.

Hassle-Free Retesting

If you’re unsatisfied with your results for any reason, we will retest at no additional charge.

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